Fresh Chick Peas!


I found these beauties in my local Hmart in Burlington Massachusetts. I was familiar with canned chick peas, dried chick peas, and chick pea flour. When I saw countless packages of these little gems still in their pods waiting to be shelled,  I felt as though I had found a priceless treasure; a new veggie to experiment with and discover its benefits!

The price seemed fair, and each package was enough for a couple servings. Of course you could stretch them even further by putting them in a casserole or stew and/or combining with other beans or foods. They were easy to shell and steamed very quickly. I had considered cooking them as one would cook edamame; Steaming the chick peas in their pods- but I opted instead, for shelling them first and then steaming them. It took about 5 minutes for the chick peas to be cook. The flavor was wonderful; sweet and fresh tasting, with a pleasant resistance to the chew. Not mushy or starchy at all.


I made a veggie bowl with cauliflower, broccoli, spaghetti squash, pasta shells, and of course, fresh chick peas with a mushroom gravy sauce. I was pleased with how it turned out and enjoyed the subtle sweetness of the chick peas.


I also made falafel patties with the fresh chick peas, using much the same recipe as an original falafel patty, using mashed fresh chick peas , rolled oats to give it more substance and flax meal to help the patties bind together. Than I pan fried them in a non-stick pan. These also came out amazing!

In conclusion, I would definitely purchase fresh chick peas again, anytime I find them! I feel they are a positive addition to a healthy, plant-based diet. Easy to eat and easy to cook. I encourage everyone to look at the produce aisle, or farmer’s market in a new light… take a look at it as an adventure. What could you find that you’ve never had before? Ask someone about it, or google it. Take a nibble of it raw, when you get home (but make sure its okay to eat raw, first) … what’s it taste like? How do you want to cook it, if you don’t want to eat it raw? How do other people cook it? What seasonings might speak out to you to use with it?

Thank you for visiting my blog today, and remember to eat good foods, as unprocessed as possible and mostly, if not all, plant-based. Your health will thank you for it!