Growing Mushrooms Trial


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Have you ever grown mushrooms? I never did. But I was always interested in how they grew. I found this mushroom kit at a local hardware store and it was marked for 50% clearance; so naturally, for $7.00, I snapped it right up!

I knew I might be taking a chance, and it could possibly not grow as expected, because I didn’t know how long it might have been hanging around in the store, but I thought it would be an educational project, none the less.

I followed the directions and soaked the box to activate things, then was careful to spritz everyday, for just about three weeks. I expected things to move along faster, but I kept with it for three weeks, and then, just when I was about to give up – magic happened! So tiny, at first, I could barely see them. I closed my eyes tight and then looked again, closer and harder, thinking perhaps I was just wishing them there… But no! There they were- the cutest and most beautiful little mushrooms I had ever seen! It was exciting. Then to watch them grow over the next week was truly amazing. They grew so fast it was almost as though you could see them growing if you watched close enough!

Within 10 days I was harvesting my own home grown oyster mushrooms! The box didn’t produce as much as the directions boasted, but I did get to harvest enough for two meals for my husband and myself. I added a generous amount into a vegetable stir fry, and they were delicious and delicate. Even at half price the kit was a bit expensive for the amount of mushrooms harvested, but, as hoped, the project was educational and  definitely enjoyable. When the seed order catalogs come out this spring, I will be looking for mushroom starts and will definitely want to order some.

Thank you for stopping by. I’m hoping to be reaching out soon with more recipes, and/or more thoughts on vegan topics. Until then, be mindful to choose nourishing, good and real foods. Eat like it matters, because it really does.