Happy St. Patty’s Day!


Hello there! Just a little note to say happy St. Patty’s Day, and show you a picture of what is cooking today in Vegan Mami’s Good Food Kitchen!

I am making a boiled dinner, which my family has always made on St. Patrick’s Day while I was growing up.

But I am tweaking it just a little, to ensure a plant-based feast.

Boiled corned seitan, with cabbage, carrots, potatoes, onions and yucca. Served with freshly baked and warm Irish soda bread. All plant-based, and delicious. Can’t wait till its done. Have a fun celebration!

Remember to feed yourself and your loved ones good food, thoughtfully prepared, and enjoy the traditions that define us and bring us all together.

Roots Juice Bar: Restaurant Discovery

Roots Juice Bar, 6 third street, Dover NH

Rushing around doing errands one morning, I realized I hadn’t made time for breakfast and I hadn’t even had my first cup of coffee. I had haphazardly planned to stop for a leisurely cup of coffee at the opposite side of town, but I had forgotten my plan after I finished my errands in that area. I was downtown Dover when I was reminded by my complaining stomach how hungry I was, When I saw a restaurant sign of a place I had always thought about stopping at but never seemed to have the time to explore.

It was a restaurant called Roots Juice Bar, a vegan restaurant offering  fresh juices and smoothies, house brewed kombucha, assorted coffees and teas, breakfast, lunch and nibbles. All offerings were vegan. So I decided right then, this would be a good place to take a moment and catch my breath before continuing on with my busy day.

I parked on the street, finding a parking spot only half a block away. When I opened the door and walked inside, I was greeted by a cozy looking and pristinely clean restaurant with a few tables and a nice comfy decor.20170228_125042 The cashier/ordering counter looked inviting and friendly, as was the pleasant looking associate waiting to take my order.The time was 2pm  and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to get breakfast; but she assured me they provide breakfast menu items anytime during the day. The restaurant hours are 8am to 4pm, monday through saturday. The kitchen area and food prep area were in full view, directly behind the cashier counter.

Roots Juice Bar, 6 third street, Dover NH

I ordered a Breakfast Bowl, which was made with quinoa, strawberry, raspberry, cranberries, almond butter, cashew cream, fresh mint and chia seeds, priced at $8.00 a bowl. I ordered a cup of organic coffee with coconut whip, for $3.00. I could see them preparing my order, and it came out and was served to me within a reasonable amount of time. Everyone was friendly and accommodating.

Quinoa Breakfast Bowl with Berries and Mint

The breakfast bowl was delicious and refreshing, and exactly what I needed on that day. The quinoa was warmed and the berries over the top were cold, and the juxtaposition of the two temperatures was very pleasant. The different textures of quinoa and berries, rounded together with the creamy almond butter and then a pop of flavor as the mint asserted its herbaceous zing, was also very, very pleasant. Very definitely, I found this to be a flavorful surprise.

Fresh French Pressed Coffee

When my coffee was delivered to me, I was once again, pleasantly surprised. I was expecting a solo cup of coffee, which might have been sitting in a coffee urn for longer than I might imagine, but lo and behold, the server bought out a french press. She had poured me a cup of the fresh, hot coffee and added the coconut whip. Left in the french press, was enough coffee to pour another generous half cup, at least. I was very pleased. The coffee was fresh, hot and delicious.

I was glad I stopped in and broke up my day to finally try a place, I had often seen but hadn’t yet found the time to explore. I will definitely go back and I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone in the area, who is looking for a friendly and healthful place to enjoy a tasty breakfast, lunch or snack, give Roots Juice Bar a try!

Thank you for visiting me today, at Vegan Mami’s good food kitchen. Remember to feed yourself and your loved ones good whole foods that are tasty and attractive. And remember to take the time to treat yourself, and give yourself some rejuvenating time, so you can share more of yourself with those that matter to you the most!

Not All Vegans Have Smoothies For Breakfast

Its not always smoothies for breakfast


Oh sure, I did the smoothie thing for a while, when I first became aware of nutrition and I thought I was magnifying my nutrients by combining them all into one glass. I think I stayed with that for 2 to 3 years, and I do think it was beneficial. Much better and more nutritious than a donut and a coffee or a fast food breakfast grabbed on the go.

Now I take the time to enjoy my breakfast. There are so many cereals available; my favorite is oats. Old fashioned oatmeal, steel cut oatmeal, overnight oatmeal; all with fruits or seeds I may feel like adding at the time. Also good for breakfast are any pancake or muffin or biscuit you make yourself without chemicals or preservatives, and following your own guidelines about what is right for you, such as no dairy, added fats, sugars, salt or white flours… so many recipes, so many possibilities.

Another breakfast possibility is anything you may have leftover from a previous meal. Throw out the strict rule book that tells you “no soup or veggies  for breakfast”, make your own rules. Potatoes sweet or otherwise, are always good for breakfast;  hash browns, boiled, or baked, again, anyway you like them. Scrambled tofu makes a very satisfying breakfast as does an omelet or frittata made with chick pea flour and any veggie you’d like to accompany with it.

Take the time to nourish your body and nourish your soul with a satisfying, nutrient packed breakfast, enjoyed with the beverage of your choice and and a few moments of quiet to take the chance to focus and prepare yourself mentally for your day.

Thank you for visiting  Vegan Mami’s Good Food Kitchen. Remember to feed yourself and your family good food, made simply and made tasty. Eat like it matters – because it does!