Today’s Good Food Finds

Scarlet Apricots

Shopping about town this morning and found these beauties at Fiddleheads in Dover. Scarlet Apricots. They are smaller than the original apricots, with a beautiful scarlet color on the outside and a rosy hue on the inside, and pack a sweet luscious flavor. 2.99 lb, both of them together cost 68 cents. It was worth the treat.

Also available today is cherries at 2.99lb
And mangos 2 for 1.00 or 3.99 for a case of 12
Zuchinni at .99 lb.

Prep the mangos and freeze them. They will be ready for smoothies, or fruit salad or cooking. They freeze beautifully!

Happy finds!
Remember to feed yourself and your loved ones good food ♡

Sunday Breakfast with Mami

Happy Sunday morning to everyone! Hopefully you can ease into the day and share time with loved ones and on projects or adventures you find fulfilling and joyful. If you do not have the day to yourself (if you have to work), I still wish you a happy Sunday, and I thank you for providing a valuable service on this day, and hope you find fulfilment and joy in your day as well.

Today, at Mami’s household, we are having a slow start; sipping on coffee and waking up slowly. The weather of the day is lending an even slower-motion feeling. Not sunny, a little chilly, and somehow a  quiet theme is playing itself out .

It’s What for Breakfast!

So, here’s breakfast because not quite feeling like oatmeal or other cereals, not quite in the mood for toast or fruits, and definitely not in the mood for pancakes. But definitely hungry. So I made tofu scramble with the usual scramble veggies, which are mushrooms, onions, red peppers, and seasoned this mixture with tumeric, Berbere Seasoning from Frontier Natural Products.

Berbere Seasoning


After the tofu scramble was cooked and seasoned,  I arranged the scramble and polenta in a bowl and decorated with leftover elements from last night’s supper of veggie tacos. A spoon ful of blackbeans, few chunks of chopped tomato, approximately 1/8th of an avacado, and then sprinkled the food in the bowl with chopped cilantro, scallions and nutritional yeast…oh yes, and my favorite,  non-calorie condiment, lime juice. Very good, very filling and looks pretty nutritious!

And now, onto the rest of the day!

Thank you for sharing your time with me.

Take good care of yourself and your loved ones and remember to cook and serve good food!