Happy Vegan Lunch Find

After work today, I had to drive a couple towns over and run a couple errands, shopping and ordering a much needed heating fuel delivery. I was very hungry, but couldn’t decide where to stop for lunch, because anything I could think of was not quite what I thought I wanted. Probably I was too hungry to think clearly. I should have been better prepared and bought a snack with me.

On my way back through town, I went by a charming soup and sandwich shop and decided to stop in. If my memory served me right, I may be able to find something there which was nutritious and satisfying.

And I was right. I got a vegan sandwich called the Veritable Veggie on the Healthiest Bread Ever. Vegan, delicious, nutritious and satisfying; just exactly what I needed!  The sandwich was packed with lettuce, cucumber, carrots, tomato, beansprouts, red onions and peppers. Also a modest amount of hummus, which was just the perfect amount! And all of this on a healthy whole grain bread, which was advertised as vegan.

It made me happy to feel good about eating lunch outside of home, without a big fuss about my food choices. Hopefully many more such places will open up, but sometimes I wonder if enough people will patronize these healthier places to make it profitable for the owners. Oh well, one meal at a time…2015-12-07 15.15.44

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